18 Rabbits Granola & Bars

In 2007, Divinely D’lish, a local company devoted to producing hand-made granola, found itself with a successful product line in need of a new name, identity and packaging.

Wanting to remain true to the founder's unique history, we developed a name by scouring her personal journal entries (she had a collection of rabbits hopping around outside of her kitchen when she was growing up in rural Texas). Utilizing simple, two-color graphics with an iconic punch, the new packaging system is a commercial success, allowing her delicious products to expand its retail avenues to Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods Market and countless gourmet stores across the United States.

The bold color coding and typographic system denote specific flavors as well as as well as each product's unique health benefits. Point of purchase visibility has been one of the keys to the brand’s quick growth. These brightly colored caddies feature the die-cut rabbit emblem, creating a fun register-side display at retailers like Peet’s Coffee & Whole Foods Market. The master-shippers feature bold super graphics that stand out on even the most crowded grocery store floor.

In 2010, 18 Rabbits decided to expand their already successful product line to include smaller bars aimed at a younger market.Although created for kids, the smaller bar size was also developed for adults looking for a smaller, lower calorie snack. The branding and package design needed to be appealing to kids, but not alienate adult buyers. The success of the new line has been outstanding, with an overwhelming number of new stores picking up Bunny Bars each month.

We developed a set of whimsical characters based on individual bar flavors, each with their own amusing story brought to life by a children's book author. The bright color palettes and illustrations are balanced by a crisp white background allowing the bars to jump off an overly saturated market shelf. A balance of sophisticated and playful that appeals to a wide audience.

Much like the back of a baseball card, the box back features each Bunny’s story and amusing stats. Hand-drawn typography, photographs and arrows direct the buyer to the premium dried fruit and chia seeds in each bar. As another lighthearted nod, the new 18R “bunny ears” monogram pays homage to the parent brand in a style befitting its offspring.