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Brand Identity for Detour


July 30, 2014


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Here at Strohl we get to work on some really interesting new products, and meet some equally interesting people. Detour (from Groupon founder Andrew Mason) is no exception. Detour is a mobile app for location aware audio walks. Wait, what is that exactly?

Put in your earbuds, put your phone in your pocked, and get going. Detour knows where you are, tells you where to go next and keeps you moving in the right direction via gps. You can even detour with a group of friends, syncing as a group. While all these are super cool features, where Detour really excels is taking you off the beaten path—with atypical tours putting you in touch with the underbelly of the city. Imagine listening to a tour by a local, a celebrity, or a historical figure who made history right on the spot you are standing. Detour is an un-tour— transporting you to another place so you can see what everyone else is missing.

We developed a brand identity and logo that spoke directly to what the company was all about. An iconic name like Detour is rich with possibilities—the minimal play on a detour sign creates an uppercase D while, more importantly, the arrow speaks to how the app is designed to take you 180 degrees from the expected.

Check out the app and sign up at

(*photo courtesy Detour via Tech Crunch)