New Leckerlee Tins Designs


November 9, 2016


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We were back at it again, this year designing 3 new tins for our friends over at Leckerlee.

First, our Starry Night tin is an ode to the rich Bavarian panorama of some of the region's most famous icons, tucked under a blanket of stars, inspired by one of our favorite design movements, Wiener Werkstätte. The Hansel & Gretel inspired tin is complete with a candy house, a trail of lebkuchen crumbs and a heroic swan. It captures the imagination of the excited little kid in us all over the holidays. The Winter Wonderland tin features a pink elven snow village where we imagine everything smells just like fresh baked lebkuchen & no one ever has to shovel.

See the full project here (and check back for new tins every winter):http://strohlsf.com/projects/leckerlee/