Just Cook Spice Blends

These premium spice blends enable us regular folk to cook like professional chefs in our own homes. We created a brand identity and packaging system that reflects their product—honest, essential, (and a little bit sexy).

These proprietary mixes, developed by one of the founders (an executive chef and world class caterer) allow the home cook to create a delicious (how-did-I-do-this?!) dish every time. With a simple and straightforward design, these tins stand out in an overcrowded segment. A matte black finish, highlighted with spot gloss accents, act as a field for bright color coding,denoting various flavor blends.

The circular lock-up on the lid is a modern take on a branding iron, featuring the same color coding on the front so that no matter how the tin is displayed, its easy to select your favorite blend. Matching color seals let the customer “break into” the tin after the first use, reinforcing the idea of freshness.