Introducing your smart driving assistant. Your car’s onboard computer and smartphone finally connected to enable, smarter, safer driving.

Cutting Edge Automotive Nostalgia

With such a revolutionary product and service, the team at Automatic realized the importance of an identity that not only spoke to innovation, but also remained linked to the affection we all have for our vehicles. The resulting “A” monogram recalls the nostalgia of a hood ornament in a classic car. In contrast, the modern typographic mark recalls the digital, while also referencing engraved or machined lettering common on automotive parts.


Corporate Identity, UI Visual Design


Automatic, San Francisco, CA


Fast Company / Wired / CNBC


Ljuba Miljkovic, Thejo Kote, Jerome Tave

We partnered with Automatic, working together to design the initial App UI screens. We developed a visual language that was at once immediately understandable, and cohesive with the look and feel of the brand identity. This initial work allowed their development team to continue to evolve the UI on their own, remaining true to the original brand intentions.

The Automatic Link plugs easily into your car’s data port. Your car and smartphone will automatically connect whenever you drive, wirelessly. Automatic can explain what that pesky check engine light means, call 911 for you if there is an accident, and even knows where your car is in that endless parking lot. A palette of warm grays was selected to tie everything together, paralelling UI elements as well as mimicking the real world feel of steel and aluminum.

"I can always count on Strohl to deliver thoughtful creative direction and feedback on any project."

— Ljuba Miljkovic, Chief Product Officer

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