Codenvy is a powerful product that combines the ease and efficiency of cloud based collaboration for code development, with the ability to easily test applications in a consistent and reliable environment. This allows developers to work from anywhere seamlessly and instantly, in complete collaboration.


For years enjoying cult-like status amongst developers, Codenvy took the next logical step—to provide an offering for enterprise clients. The subsequent rebrand and repositioning is built off of everything loved by the grassroots fans, but tailored to also appeal to larger clients. Given that the core beauty of Codenvy’s service is simplicity and collaboration, we looked to bring those qualities into the new logo and visual system.

Humanizing their offering was our first priority—as the nature of the service is intangible and at times difficult to show. By using case studies of actual clients, and hand drawn portraits, we were able to highlight results prior to delving deep into the technical details.

Embracing the notion of a streamlined experience, the monogram C is finished by the cursor line, both completing a circuit and giving a subtle nod to software development. 


Corporate Identity, Website , Collateral, Iconography, Art Direction, Identity Guidelines


Tyler Jewell and Brad Micklea, Codenvy, San Francisco, Ukraine, Luxembourg


Illustrations & Animations: HeyTVM

Website Development: Jennifer Louie

The underline element is reminiscent of the green-screen CRT cursor, reinforcing how even the company name itself is streamlined (sharing the E)—highlighting collaboration. This additionally reinforces spelling & pronunciation of the unconventional word. Bright and fresh, this hyper-saturated green speaks to envy in a modern way, and acts as a throwback to the nostalgic days of coding past.

The crisp modern appeal of the brand identity caries though to the website. In order to balance the large quantity of highly technical information, the site’s architecture and organization was simplified, compartmentalizing content based on interest. This approach allows the site to remain easy to navigate and highly visible, while allowing a user to get to the specific information they need. We enlisted animation studio HeyTVM to bring the product to life visually, complimenting combination of bold and detailed typography.

A mix of bold and editorial typographic styles combine with gestural illustrative portraits of real users, putting a personal face on each product tier. This balance of boldness and compelling storytelling creates stories that you are compelled to read. A system of gradients compliment the primary color palette, softening and adding depth, while the black mirrors Codenvy’s product.

We developed a system of iconography and graphic illustration to offer at-a-glance views of Codenvy’s features. These pair with technical details & explanations, reducing them to the most elemental expressions. If the viewer wants to learn more, they can click on the video for an in-depth explanation.

A system of gradients compliment the primary color palette, softening and adding depth to an otherwise intense green, while the black mirrors Codenvy’s product.

It can be difficult to form a connection to a product without a physical form and the use of illustration bridges the gap. (We’ve been told that the users love their illustrations and this has created an influx of “testimonial volunteers”).

The iconography, based on the form and weight of the primary logomark, has been simplified to its most elemental form. The animations draw the eye in and add a bit of lightness and interest to what is otherwise serious content.

As Codenvy’s primary touchpoint, the website was designed with all devices in mind. The vibrant color palette takes full advantage of the saturation and brightness achievable onscreen.

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