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We work with both software and hardware developers to create memorable identities, expanding them to build engaging and thoughtful digital applications. Take a closer look at our approach.

Maintaining a human touch in digital services

For mobile brand identity, the app icon is king, and we see it as a way to communicate the essence of a software delivered service. As with creating identities for physical products, designing for digital applications requires careful consideration of the end user. An impactful logo is important, as are concise iconography and unique interaction opportunities.


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Increasingly, technology-based terms and jargon are having an impact on company names (and their respective identities). Such is the case with #climate, a social responsibility app from an environmental non-profit. The ubiquitous hashtag symbol has figured so prominently into the name, there is no separation between it and and its function (to encourage environmental activism using twitter as a platform). With each new development within the technology space, less conventional branding opportunities arise - being able to say more, with less.

As the user engages with the app, the visual identity experience transcends the logo. Color, typography and visual cues help to create a uniform experience throughout. #climate promotes climate change concerns by using the social networks of celebrities and influencers, so a sophisticated design was critical. In addition, non-profits include their causes within the app, so a flexible template was necessary. The end result is a branded experience (that doesn’t overshadow the content or the cause).

Proven Job Search

We understand that start-ups are flexible, and frequently the visual identity you begin with doesn’t advance with you. Through several evolutions of the business, Proven was gaining momentum, and wanted to carry their focused message and offering with a new brand identity, app design and website.

Considered as part of the larger picture during the brand development phase, visual continuity was seamlessly maintained across mobile and web applications. We developed the concept of a “paperless” job and resume process. From the subtle folded paper in the logotype and app icon, to user interaction of “dog-earring” posts, design decisions were made using a higher conceptual idea, rather than just methods of styling.

Hunters Alley from One Kings Lane

Often the world of physical products and retail collide. Happily, this is the case with Hunters Alley, a peer-to-peer shopping site for curated vintage goods from One Kings Lane. Straddling the fashion and design space, a strong icon was paramount to tie together these two worlds. The fox is a coveted mascot, communicating both the ability to search out unique pieces, and the unparalleled delight of discovering a secret place that you can explore with a simple secret knock.

We expanded the identity with a typographic system and color palette, which interactive partner agency Upperquad evolved to create engaging desktop and handheld applications. The selling and browsing experience is equal parts high-end Etsy, and gorgeous magazine spread.


With a truly revolutionary product and service in their sites, the team at Automatic realized the importance of an identity that not only spoke to innovation, but also remained linked to the affection we all have for our vehicles. Because of the integral hardware and software components, creation of an identity that felt warm and tangible was key. The resulting “A” monogram captures the spirit of the nostalgia of a hood ornament in a classic car.

The identity process can also be a tool to help shape the evolution of the end product. We worked with the Automatic team to create multiple visions for what the appearance and interaction of the app could be. These exercises helped push the boundaries of what was too safe, (and what was just plain uncomfortable), resulting in the perfect balance.

We welcome the challenge of working with companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As visual communicators it is our job to express new experiences in a way that is both familiar and intriguing. The unrelenting optimism and energy of these partnerships give us the added opportunity to explore the unseen, and propose the unconventional.

“I've worked with many brand/design agencies over the years but my experience with @strohlsf on @hashtagclimate has been a total dream.”


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