Leckerlee Lebkuchen

Reminiscent of gingerbread, Lebkuchen are traditional German cookies which have been sold in elaborate decorative tins for hundreds of years. Our client’s almost unhealthy obsession with Lebkuchen led her from Berlin to New York City in a quest to create her own modern interpretation.

Warm Holiday Goodness

Leckerlee needed a brand identity & packaging deeply rooted in the history of these spicy, oversized cookies (typically sold in Germany and other parts of Europe during the holidays). We used traditional lebkuchen tins and other antique German confection examples as a groundwork for the logo, iconography and patterns. A bear is a sentimental animal in German culture, creating visions of small town Christmas and warming foods. An upright script logo, paired with traditional grotesque typography and holiday motif patterns complete this distinctly German identity.

As the primary touchpoint for the product, the logo emblazons the lid of the tin, featuring a bear clutching a honey stick. The lids are carefully embossed on these heavy-weight, oversized tins imparting a high level of finish that feels distinctly old world.


Corporate Identity, Packaging Design, Illustration, Collateral, Web Visual Design


Leckerlee, New York, NY


Communication Arts Design Annual / Brand New Awards 2011 / Type Directors Club Annual 34 / 3 separate features on The Dieline / 2 features on DesignWorkLife / Choi’s Package Vol. 6 / Choi’s Package Vol. 5


Web Design & Development: Upperquad

In 2013, Leckerlee expanded her line to include 2 new tins (with more planned each year). The first depicts a wintery scene, with villagers rushing home to be with their families on a crisp, snowy evening. A mini tin was also introduced, in which we illustrated a playful Christmas ornament scene, with animals, trees (and of course lebkuchen!) forming a playful pattern.

Vintage Lebkuchen tins were often decorated with snowy scenes from the towns where they were baked, so it made sense for Leckerlee to have a tin representing their home city of New York. The illustrated scene integrates all of New York as a small village, a connected community where everybody shares the spirit of the holiday season.

The founder's extensive collection of vintage Lebkuchen tins served as both inspiration for her baking, as well as for the design process. As a thoughtful surprise, those who turn over the tin reveal a small heart. The positive response for Leckerlee's cookies (and the packaging) have been overwhelming. Williams-Sonoma, Dean & Deluca, Bi-Rite and several other gourmet markets eagerly carry them every year. You can also pick some up at Brooklyn Flea or on Leckerlee's site during the snowy holiday season.

“Strohl has been instrumental in developing the Leckerlee brand from day one, and I’ve been delighted with their work ever since. They have the amazing ability to take in my scattered ideas and create something that is not only spot-on and cohesive with the brand, but also wonderfully unexpected.  I’m blown away every time and look forward to the process each year.”

— Sandy Lee, Founder

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