Livongo for Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem for Americans, with over 9% of the population suffering from the disease. Livongo approaches diabetes management differently. Using a connected device, coaching from real humans, and customized advice from your phone, members can now manage their lives with confidence.


Livongo impacts positive change in the lives of its users, and we wanted the design of the brand identity to reflect that spirit and enthusiasm. The resulting icon, an uppercase “L”, combined with a forward pointing green arrow, symbolize that positivity and the potential for change within us all. The paired typography, bold and clear, enforces a feeling of confidence in the product and the support Livongo provides.

One of the challenges with diabetes is difficulty seeing clearly. This was top of mind when selecting a color palette—saturated is a necessity—so that members can navigate the product and website with ease.


Corporate Identity, Website , Collateral, Iconography,
Art Direction of Photography, Identity Guidelines


Livongo, Mountain View, CA & Chicago, IL


Lifestyle Photography: Shannon McIntyre
Website Development: Kirill Ulyanov
Marketing Team: Allan Ng, Elizabeth Sayed
Finalized Packaging Design: Livongo Design Team

The Livongo welcome packet includes a device, lancets, everything that you need to begin your journey to start making real life changes.

Use of white borders, clean typography and photography tie everything together seamlessly, feeling fresh and bright. The new packaging follows the identity standards that we provided to the internal team.

From testing strips to business collateral, the bold colors and aesthetics are carried throughout all touch points.

We approached the redesign of the website from the ground up. From the overall site design, to the smallest details, such as iconography— everything needed to integrate seamlessly with the new identity & message.

We art directed a photoshoot for the website and various printed materials. When selecting models, it was crucial to everyone involved that they were reflective of real members and their lives—it was important that everyone could relate to the people and their stories.

With Livongo joining the ranks of the other family of Strohl designed app icons, it won’t be long before we need a larger screen.

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