Presidio Social Club

Set within the former army base of what is now the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Presidio Social Club recalls the building’s former life as an officers’ club in the 1940s. This celebrated restaurant’s design was completed when Christine was a senior art director at Mucca Design.

All the comforts of a club without the dues

Adhering to strict Federal guidelines forbidding signage and building personalization, the identity and materials needed to speak volumes about both the restaurant and the history of the space. Postcards, maps and photographs (some vintage, some created) found their way into everything from menus to promotional mailers. Each piece of the identity is taken from a small piece of the rich history of the Presidio and of the restaurant, celebrating its classic martinis and lovely desserts under the shade of the eucalyptus trees.

Customized maps and illustrations (below) were created to compensate for the park’s overall lack of signage.


Firm: Mucca Design, Creative Director: Matteo Bologna


Corporate Identity, Illustration, Materials & Collateral, Menus


Ray Tang, San Francisco, CA


James Beard Award Nomination for Outstanding Restaurant Graphics / New Vintage Type / Graphis Letterhead 9 / Print Magazine Regional Design Annual / Masters of Design: Logos & Identity / Logo Design / Well Seasoned, The Best of Restaurant Graphics / Good Design

The mix-and-match dessert menu was born from pastry chef Phil Ogiela’s desire to allow diners to customize their dessert experience.

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