Automatic is your smart driving assistant. It connects your car to your smartphone (or smartwatch) and wirelessly communicates all kinds of data from where your car is parked, to how you can save gas by making better driving decisions, or when your car needs a repair.
With such a revolutionary product and service, we realized the importance of an identity that not only spoke to innovation, but also remained linked to the affection we all have for our vehicles. The resulting monogram recalls the nostalgia of a hood ornament in a classic car. In contrast, the modern typographic mark straddles the digital world and the machined lettering common on auto parts.
Along with the design of the logo mark, we worked closely with the team on the initial UI design, as well as the design of the actual device (which is in the form of a retro seat belt, reinforcing the idea of safety).
When the system was introduced in stores, Automatic wanted a package that made a statement (with little waste). We worked with the product design team to create a package that would jump off the shelf (and when inverted, function as a lidded drink tumbler that fits in your cup holder).

Project Information


Corporate Identity, UI Visual Design


Client-side UI & CD: Ljuba Miljkovic, Thejo Kote, Jerome Tave


Automatic, San Francisco, CA