We’re thrilled to present a sneak peek at our new logo and brand identity for Axiom Space, a visionary company building the world’s first commercial space station. The design is futuristic and forward-leaning while paying homage to classic marks from the early years of space exploration. 

Project Information

Full project coming soon, but if you are looking for something to hold you over check out the axiom website:

Axiom Space is an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and orbital spaceflight services company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2016 by Michael T. Suffredini and Kam Ghaffarian, the company is planning commercial missions in late 2021 to the International Space Station (ISS) and aims to own and operate the world’s first commercial space station. The company’s leadership team is largely composed of former NASA employees, including former NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

As NASA shifts human spaceflight aspirations beyond low Earth orbit, Axiom’s goal is to create the commercial infrastructure necessary to push humanity forward in space. The company outlines broad commercial activities including human spaceflight for national and commercial astronauts for in-space research and in-space manufacturing, and space exploration support, as well as spaceflight participant for space tourism.


Logo Design, Visual Identity


Partner Agency: IDW 
Design Team: Leigh Okies, Enrique Barrios. Dick McIntosh, Taylor Bird, David Begler


Axiom Space, Houston TX