This spicy, oversized cookie company needed a brand identity & packaging rooted in the history of the German holiday season. We used vintage lebkuchen tins and other antique confection examples as a groundwork for the logo, iconography, and as inspiration for the design of the tins themselves.
A bear is a sentimental animal in German culture, creating visions of small town Christmas and warming foods. An upright script logo, paired with traditional grotesque typography and holiday motif patterns complete this distinctly German identity. The lids are carefully embossed on these heavy-weight tins, imparting a high level of finish that feels distinctly old world.
While Leckerlee can be found in specialty stores and Whole Foods Market, it’s easiest to find them online. We designed a simple and bright the website with this in mind. We were excited to design a custom micro-sized booth for Leckerlee to sell their cookies at Christmastime in outdoor markets in NYC.

“Strohl has been instrumental in developing the Leckerlee brand from day one, and I’ve been delighted with their work ever since. They have the amazing ability to take in my scattered ideas and create something that is not only spot-on and cohesive with the brand, but also wonderfully unexpected.  I’m blown away every time and look forward to the process each year.”


Group 75@2x
We have designed and illustrated 3-4 new tins a year since Leckerlee opened their doors. We sometimes use vintage Lebkuchen tins as inspiration for the designs (below).

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Corporate Identity, Packaging Design, Illustration, Collateral, Environmental, Web Visual Design


Leckerlee, New York, NY


Communication Arts Design Annual
Brand New Awards 2011
Type Directors Club Annual 34
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