Livongo inspires positive change in the lives of its users, and we wanted the design of the brand identity to reflect that spirit and enthusiasm. The resulting icon, an uppercase “L”, combined with a forward pointing green arrow, symbolize that positivity and the potential for change within us all.


Using a connected device, coaching from real humans, and customized advice from your phone, members can now manage their lives with confidence. Our design for the website kept these users in mind. From relatable photography, to bold colors designed to combat the vision difficulties which often accompany diabetes, every touchpoint was carefully considered.
We designed packaging and collateral for the device and test strips, to help walk the user through set up as seamlessly as possible.
As the service grew more widely adapted, Livongo wanted to expand to user journeys. Deviating from the brand standards a bit, this part of the site details intimate portraits of the stories of the users, they are not just patients, but real people with rich, full, lives.
To accompany the packaging, standards manual, identity and photoshoot, we designed a full collateral system for Livongo, so that the sales team could hit the ground running.

Project Information


Corporate Identity, Collateral, Iconography, Art Direction of Photography, Identity Guidelines, Website


Lifestyle Photography: Shannon McIntyre
Website Development: Kirill Ulyanov
Marketing Team: Allan Ng, Elizabeth Sayed
Finalized Packaging Design: Livongo Design Team


Livongo, Mountain View, CA & Chicago, IL