We have been working with the Rippling team over the past several months on an extensive rebrand. The goal was to capture the very simple way the software can handle the very complex tasks surrounding employee management and onboarding. The project included creating the usual brand elements: logo, colors, and an extensive set of icons.

These new visual brand changes went so deep as to rework the design of the core product itself, collaborating with the UI and Engineering teams on layout and visual treatment. A customer facing brand aesthetic was established for their marketing website, helping to better explain the product benefits and interactions through graphics, animations and examples.

Project Information

Full project coming soon, but if you are looking for something to hold you over, Techcrunch just released this extensive article about Rippling and their product:

Also check out the full website we designed at


Corporate Identity, Collateral, Website, Desktop and Mobile Product Design, Advertising, Icon design, Photography Direction


Rippling, San Francisco CA